Best Store Manager at Apps All Around 2022

Best Store Manager

Best Store Manager at Apps All Around

The store manager is the lifeblood of the store. They are the go-to source of information. From helping customers find what they need to talking with suppliers, they are the central point of contact. This blog takes a look at one such store manager and what the day is like for them. 

Apps All Around

1. Why you should choose Apps All Around? 

Apps All Around is a new kind of e-commerce site. We’re not just a drop-shipper: we offer personal support, the lowest prices, and free shipping on every order. We’re backed by a team of experts who work around the clock to make sure you’re always taken care of. Our staff is friendly and professional. So, if you’re looking for a place to start a new career or develop your skills, consider applying with Apps All Around.

2. How Apps All Around is different from other digital agencies?

As a digital agency, Apps All Around has the expertise to deliver great apps and software. Clients can enjoy the advantage of having a professional team of developers, designers, and content creators working together. But what sets Apps All Around apart from other agencies is that the company has a dedicated team specifically tasked to manage the work flow and client satisfaction. These “store managers” are responsible for every phase of the project, so they know how to deliver the best service.

3. How is the work environment at Apps All Around?

Apps All Around is a very open and friendly place to work. There are always a lot of people to have conversations with, and you can count on the team to support you when you need help. It is a small company, so everyone knows everyone and it’s easy to make friends with everyone. Our store manager, Victoria, is a very positive and friendly person. She is always ready to help and is always making sure that everyone is having a good time at work.

4. What does an average day look like for a Store Manager at Apps All Around? 

Every day is different for a Store Manager like me. One day I can be doing everything from hiring new employees to cleaning the bathrooms to managing vendors to stocking the shelves. I know you might think I’m joking about that last one. But when you’re managing a store, you want to make sure your customers walk in the door and see everything that you’ve got to offer. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say one of our vendors is out of stock on a specific part for one of their products. It’s typically my job to go out and find a replacement as quickly as possible, so that we don’t lose that customer’s business.


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