What is an Erx Headset in Detail?

Erx Headset

Whether you’re making a long call or just listening to music, the sound quality of the Erx Headset is unbeatable. This article will tell you all about the features and qualities that make these headphones so great.

We’ll start with the basics: the design and fit of the headphones. The Erx Headset is designed to be comfortable even on long calls. The headband adjusts to give you just the right fit, and plush padding keeps you comfortable. The headphones are also lightweight, so you can wear them for hours without feeling weighed down. And if you need to mute the microphone or adjust the volume, you can do it instantly with just a few taps on the earpiece.

Erx Headset in Detail

Erx is my personal choice for Bluetooth headphones and it is easy to see why. It looks great and fits my lifestyle expertly.

Sturdy build

Comfortable ear pads


Dependable call quality

You’re loving my user experience. Olympus has just brought Raleigh-based sound engineer Thor Soller up a notch with its latest invention: RS700 the wireless noise-canceling headphone. This is Thor’s first wireless noise-canceling headphone system, and I was thrilled to see the brand from Los Angeles is cuing this into the mainstream.

That sound is true to form of course, but Thor has done all sorts of other things, including experiential design, embossing, and flexographic printing that you won’t find in your usual headphones. What Thor’s got is auditory design. The noise canceling glass’ inner ear canal pads are the same as what’s on the Olympus LS-150 and LS-250, which from what I’ve been able to gather, are some of the best out there for sound isolation and noise canceling abilities.

2. Typical Erx Setup

Erx Headset in Detail

Although you have a plethora of options to choose from like the sound port, the Bluetooth scheme, and the material, selecting the sound port is essential. This decision is mostly up to your preference but there are certain differences between the sound port quality. These performances can improve in a couple of ways.

One is making sure there are no bent wires to fix, but the better option is to invest in an audio/video splitter. The idea behind this setup is to switch between your home gear and smartphone entertainment and this headphone adapter will make that process much easier. It has 3.5mm cables for USB, RCA, and Bluetooth ones and it is incredibly easy to use. You can add the headphones quickly to a hub by just snapping them. And, the metal end of the USB plug functions as a key that creates a logical turning point in the cord that is separate from where the headset cord is separated. This allows for absolute convenience and usability in the whole setup process.

Examples of such audio/video splitter plugs include Belkin which is extremely easy to use. In terms of design, retrofits any standard design of headphone/earbuds connector. It is a stand tube. At the side of the standard design earphone wire connector, a ring is found and you can add the audio/video cable.

3. Erx Bluetooth Headsets

The first headphones that I used had reasonable battery life.

They connect via Bluetooth so there are no in-line controls.

There are two controls on the earbuds themselves. There is a single slider to adjust the volume and a switch to activate/deactivate the Bluetooth. The slider has 4 positions and has a metric range of volume 0% to 75%. The two small switches are forward/backward panel tactile buttons.

The volume controls (and for what it’s worth between the 4 positions) as well as the volume for calls are poor. The slider range is not large and when paired with the volume buttons, there is not enough control for night calls in a noisy environment.

The signal is also sub-par compared to what other brands provide because of this reason the volume will interfere with the Bluetooth connection with other devices.

They are digitally amplified sports headphones and ideal if you play sports daily. Built-in Battery

They have a rechargeable lithium battery that gives a suggested 1.5-hour battery life per charge. The magnifying function can be a useful feature for sports athletes.

The built-in batteries with a battery life of 5-6 hours.

4. Features

Features in an Erx Headset

The Erx Headset offers unmatched sound quality. Whether you listen to staff meetings with clients or mope around listening to music, your office mates or housemates can’t stand it.

This article will tell you all about the features and qualities that make these headphones so great. Like I said before, I’ll start with the basics. But here are some of the features I also want to mention.

9 Features Headphones With Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones provide sound quality that was once reserved for costly or high-end headphones.

Erx Headset

At first, they were mostly used as means to listen to music in your car or in public transport.

But what if you don’t want to use your phone? Or what if you have recipients who don’t have any phones?

What if your headphones do have a wire but you don’t want to play around with it?

Well, such problems are not so rare. With the Erx Headset, you can have a combination of headbands with two slides (one active, one inactive).

You choose which slide to use, depending on the occasion. So when you are in your car with your phone the inactive one is hanging on your ear, but when you’re at the office with your headphones – they are in the active one.

By removing the headphones while working you also won’t miss any calls.

5. Quality

Choosing the right headphones could determine if you could enjoy your fullest listening experience.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

The Erx Headset is a truly wireless heavy-duty, premium Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone with Noise-Canceling microphone, a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for wired listening, and a top-load memory-card slot, and remote control with Bluetooth functionality. In addition to this, it also has a dual stream type as opposed to the monotype and a frequency response ranging between 45Hz and 45kHz.

This model is so great because it ensures high sound quality with no audio distortion whatsoever. Its premium Sound Retrieval Technology ensures that you will not have to worry about the audio quality as it will be serving as your constant companion. Within 45 seconds of switching the device, you are sure to have a top-notch sound quality with less feedback (noise).

With a 45Hz to 45kHz audio frequency response (about 50% less than the industry standard E87″) and with a pair of noise-canceling mics included, the Erx Headset is a superb addition for people who want high-quality sound that provides unrestricted audio freedom. That thing with no wires makes everything that they listen to come out great.

6. Prices

high-quality headset

 Since launching, Erx has been garnering a large amount of attention, especially as technology takes over the music industry. The headset or too small headphones, interior LED, innovative design, and updated user experience will make you know why Erx continues to have the honor of selling a lot of products. 

At around $7 for the Jaguar and around $6-$10 for Deer, the audio quality of the aircraft tends to lack several keys making the real tunes poor quality, especially in noisy conditions. The stereophonic sound is reduced and only loudspeakers will be capable of keeping commuters quiet for the whole duration while traveling on flights.

Provider fees

 Headset added to call

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7. Overall 

I hope that this informative article helped you find the most common and the most convenient headphones that will meet all of your needs. I hope that with these recommendations you managed to find the items that perform the best in your life. I also hope that in the comments below you’ve learned a lot from these recommendations.


The Erx headset is a high-quality headset that comes at a good price. It is made of high-quality components that help it deliver high-quality sound. The sound quality is crisp, and the bass is not too overpowering. It is a great choice for the technologically-savvy person who likes to listen to music while they work or who likes to make long calls.